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Basically, Septic tanks are a system that collects and treats the sewage waste in your household.  A typical average septic system comprises of four parts namely: the pipe, connecting the house to the tank, the septic tank, a drain field and the surrounding soil. If any of the components are faulty, then, it results in the failure of the entire system. This would also result in contamination of soil, drinking water, or both.

Septic tanks system usually operates in the following way: Initially, the waste material exits the house via the existing pipes in the house, which is connected to the septic tank. This tank is built in a way, such that, it is watertight and it consists of concrete and polyethylene. It is kept under ground. The waste is held in the tank, till the solid waste to settle at the bottom of the tank which is known as sludge. The oils in the waste float at the top of the tank and they are called scum. All the liquid is filtered out of the tank through the drain field, and the sludge and scum are separated from the liquid. The bacteria, nutrients, and viruses are removed from this liquid by filtering through various layers in the soil. The septic tanks are regularly pumped out to remove all the solids and oils that are left behind from the filtering process.Plumber in Culver City plumber and plumbing servicesprovidethe best customer servicesany time with experienced professionals.

If the septic tanks are not maintained periodically, then the pipes may get clogged with solid waste resulting in the problem of the entire system. The same problems may occur with leakage in sewers due to rusted pipes.Plumber in Culver City plumber and plumbing servicesare experts in solving such problems arising with septic tanks. Plumber in Culver City plumber and plumbing services offer services for septic tank maintenance and contracts, so that the septic tank does not create any problems in the future. The Culver City plumber and plumbing services use the latest trenchless sewer technologies to solve sewer leakage problems without any excavation.

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